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Our Units

The storage spaces at Hi Tech Self Storage are available in eight different sizes for standard units and three sizes for temperature-controlled units. We have units for holding everything from small heirlooms to large recreational vehicles. If you are unsure what size to choose, our experienced staff can help. Temperature-controlled units are not much more expensive than standard units, and many of our customers find that the pleasant, well-lit atmosphere suits their needs well. In a temperature-controlled unit, your items will be shielded from Utah's extreme temperatures.
CCTV — Units in Ogden, UT

Our Premises

We have taken great care to incorporate high security into our facility. Each visitor receives a unique ID and passcode with which to enter and exit the facility. Upon entry, the individual unit's alarm system is disarmed, and after punching in information to exit, the alarm system is re-armed. Our entrance gate keeps a detailed record of everyone who enters and leaves the facility. In addition, security cameras are installed throughout the premises.

Our facility was constructed using strong, durable materials, and we even added cement and block fences and walls to shield the units from visibility. We keep our premises clean, and our on-site resident managers oversee the units at all times.
Storages in Hi-Tech Self Storage — Units in Ogden, UT

One-stop Shop

You don't have to go looking all over for moving equipment and supplies. We sell useful storage and packing items, including tape, combination locks, tarps, and moving boxes. We also offer moving transportation services with qualifying move-ins and trailer services to help customers move their belongings in. Our experienced team members can give you packing tips and advice for storing your things. At our facility, we offer snacks and a restroom for customers who need to stay a while to load, unload, or sort through their items.